Room 3 - Ngo - Dinh - Early Le dynasties (939 - 1009)

After the historic battle in Bach Dang River (938), Ngo Quyen became a king, establishing the Ngo Dynasty (939-968) with the capital settled in Co Loa, and issued the regulations on imperial standards and governmental organization to stabilize the domestic political situation. After his death, the countries was ruled by the twelve warlords, each a region on their own, causing a chaotic circumstance. In 968, after reuniting the country, Dinh Bo Linh came to the throne with the title “Dinh Tien Hoang De” and started the Dinh Dynasty (968-981). During his reign, the country was renamed into Dai Co Viet and the capital was moved to Hoa Lu. He also set out the titles of the civil and military mandarins and established a national army. Succeeding the Dinh, in 981, Le Hoan became king and established the Early Le Dynasty (981-1009). This emperor successfully led the first resistance of Vietnamese people against the Song to Victory, maintaining the independence of the nation.


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