Room 12 - Nguyen dynasty (1802 - 1945)

In 1802, Nguyễn Anh who was the progeny of the Nguyễn family overthrew the Tây Sơn dynasty, founded the Nguyễn dynasty. Although the Nguyễn dynasty tried to consolidate the unified government to flourish the culture in the first time, they didn’t modernize the nation. They promptly surrendered the French colonialists while the Vietnamese people rose up everywhere against the enemy.

Since 1883, the Vietnamese people continued to carry out the all - sided struggle to protect the cultural – national character, to select the value of the occidental culture and to carry out the mass of uprisings with many tendencies in order to expel the colonialists, bourgeois for recovering the independence.

In 1930, the Indochinese Communist Party was founded, it proposed the correct revolution platform. In 15 years, it led the Vietnamese people into the August Revolution, overthrew the colonial and feudal government, founded the Democratic Republic of Việt Nam, to usher in a new era of the Vietnamese people.


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