Hung Vuong Period

The civilization of Hồng river in the North and the North Centrol Việt Nam, the culture of Sa Huỳnh in the Middle centrol Việt Nam and the culture of Đồng Nai in the Eastern zone of Southern were formed in the Metal age, 4,000 - 2,000 years ago in Việt Nam.

Hồng river civilization consisted of 4 cultural stages : Phùng Nguyên, Đồng Đậu, Gò Mun, Đông Sơn. Their developments corresponded with Hùng Kings period of Văn Lang nation, An Dương Vương King of Âu Lạc nation. Ten thousands of artefacts of this period were found, such as stone, pottery, bronze wares used in producing, fighting and living, especially bronze drums.

Sa Huỳnh culture was highly original with burial jars, jewelleries of glass and precious stone. Đồng Nai culture was very common with types of moulds and bronze weapons.

These cultures established the national tradition and the character of Việt Nam people.


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