Room 13 - Duong Ha collection

Duong Ha is the name of the large collection of Professor Duong Minh Thoi (1899?-1976) and his wife Ha Thi Ngoc (1902?-1979) that collected in 1930-40s with a view to preserving antiquities. Their collection rapidly has been known and contributed to encourage in the movement of collecting in the South of Vietnam at that time.

Since 1976, Duong Minh Thoi and Ha Thi Ngoc transferred the whole collection to their daughter, Duong QuynhHoa, MD (1930-2006) and her husband Huynh Van Nghi(1928-2015). After Duong QuynhHoa passed away, their collection is donated to Ho Chi Minh City by Huynh Van Nghi.


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