Room 4 - Ly dynasty (1009 - 1225)

Ly Dynasty was the first large scale dynasty of Vietnam. Since its establishment, the development of the country was greatly promoted with remarkable achievements in the fields of culture, religion, law, economy and politics. These achievements can be listed: the settlement of a new capital in Thang Long, the country’s new name Dai Viet, the accomplishment of the organizational structure, the issuance of the Hinh Thu (Law Code), the organization of the national army, the construction of Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam, the construction of the levee system, the issuance of many incentive policies for agriculture, handcraftsmanship, trade, foreign trade and cultural and artistic development. Besides, in 1077, Ly Dynasty successfully led the war against the invasion of Song to victory. During its over 200 years of existence, Ly Dynasty had contributed in the improvement of the country and in strengthening the independence and promoting the strong development of the civilization of Dai Viet.


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