A History Class at the Museum

The program “A History Class at the Museum” has been being conducted since the school year of 2012 and has become an impress welcoming many schools from many provinces and cities to come for teaching and learning. 

The program has actually evoked the excitement and interest of not only teachers and schools in teaching but also students in participating in practical learning at the Museum of Vietnamese History.

This program helps students to learn basic knowledge of the history program being taught at school. Through the materials and artifacts displayed at the Museum which are associated with famous people and generals with glorious feats, and the interesting issues about the surrounding cultural backgrounds. All of those have contributed to raise the love for history subject within the students as well as their pride in the history and culture of the nation which have been existing for thousands of years. Accordingly, the awareness and knowledge of students will be risen and the activities of preserving and developing our cultural heritages.

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